Our friends at MOEBE have just had one of their pieces featured by uber-cool magazine ‘Monocle’. Who better to chat with about this summer’s hottest interior trends.

This August Scandi Studio was on the spot in Scandinavia taking a look at where interior trends are headed for the summer season.

Copenhagen was beautiful, chic and uncharacteristically hot.  (Denmark has enjoyed the hottest summer on record this year). We roamed the sunny streets streets visiting all our favourite design houses and retailers and soaked up so much Scandi design even our sweat was minimal.

Scandinavian design has been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade. The Scandinavians have managed to carve out their own niche in the design world. As we wandered the clean brick streets we pondered –

How is it, that such small nations can have such a large influence on interior trends internationally?

Our friend Ida, from design house MOEBE puts it down to DNA.

“To some extent, it may fall back on our design culture, which has evolved throughout the past 80 years and was kickstarted by designers such as Hans J Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, and Finn Juhl. Due to Denmark’s long history within design, we today have a good design foundation. Also as a nation, we care about design. In the north we spend a big part of the year inside, and caring about furniture and design is, therefore, a natural part of our DNA.”

She also credits new brands continuing the work of their vintage forefathers.

“There is no doubt Scandinavian design has been on the up for some years. Brands like Muuto, Hay, &Tradition, Gubi and more have been frontrunners in this new wave of Scandinavian design and have contributed significantly to the popularity of Scandinavian design today.”

So where is Scandi design headed this season?

Our rambles around lovely Copenhagen left us with some clear impressions on interior trends…

Colour is in- big time! The colours for both fashion and interior design were heavy with saffron tones and earthy reds. Colours ranged from soft shades of green and pink to terracotta and deep grey-greens and blues. However they haven’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Interior trend colours are used artfully against neutral palettes, light wood floors and fresh white joinery. Colour is played up in furnishings as well. Alongside their classic designs some brands are introducing new trend colours to their classic range. MOEBE is moving with the times.

“Another big trend we see right now is using more bold colours in your interior. Our colour-universe has always been very subtle and based on natural materials, but we are expanding this part of the Moebe universe at the moment. Colours are a very emotional and personal thing to us – so there is really no reason not to add this dimension to our designs also.”

Full rounded shapes play a part this season with organic shapes seen in soft furnishings and lighting.

Generous lashings of marble...

Marble is seen generously in interiors. Applied in small details such as lids and decorative objects such as candle holders, to large lavish slabs for desks and table tops.

Almost in response to the voluptuous forms and rich marble influence on interior trends there is a growing focus and expectation on sustainable design. Designers are increasingly seeking out new renewable or recycled materials and processes. It’s an important part of branding and retail with both sides eager to do their part. Sustainability is now a very visible part of the shopping experience. From plastic free shops to new uses of textile waste, Scandinavian shops and shoppers are becoming increasingly ‘woke.’

As we change the way we live brands and designers rush to meet changing consumer needs.

People are Increasingly mobile and transient creating new demands on furniture and design. Ida sums it up nicely for us;

People need more adaptive or flexible solutions. We move more often than we did in the past, and we need furniture that can easily be altered to fit different spaces and settings. Also, every person is different – your home and furniture should reflect this.”

We saw tonnes of multi- purpose, adaptable pieces particularly in shelving and storage. For example nifty free standing clothing rails with tilt mirrors and adjustable shelves all in one minimal piece.

Although the design world continually morphes and changes the key elements of Scandinavian design do not.

Function before form, a respect for natural materials and craftsmanship and dedication to exceptional products keep the Scandinavian design world at the forefront of design. We don’t think Scandi design is going anywhere anytime soon and neither does Ida.

“If you ask me, we have just seen the beginning. We see a lot of new designers and brands wanting to take the Scandinavian design tradition to new places. I think there is still a lot that we can look forward to from Scandinavian designers in the years to come.”

Our trip crystallised one thing for us-the growing global reach of trends

It doesn’t matter what end of the globe you inhabit…

We all look at the same images and clips on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We all watch the same shows and films. Modern life brings us closer together than ever before and the interior trends that are hot in Scandi-land will most definitely be hot in Kiwi-land!