Scandi Studio is excited to share the Scandi design perfection of MOEBE

The cool Scandi design brand is quickly becoming a household name in their home country Denmark. Now they can be found in design shops through Europe, Aisa, Australia and right here at Scandi Studio.

MOEBE is everything you’d expect from Scandi design. Their range of chic homeware accessories are minimal clean and well constructed. In their words they “reduce designs to their most simple forms” leaving functional aesthetically beautiful pieces. We were lucky enough to visit them at their Copenhagen office on a recent trip. Fresh from the ‘Maison & Object Design Fair’ in Paris. The MOEBE team were busy. They work from an open-plan space on an upper-floor. It was light, airy and buzzing with creative energy.  They were a hip looking bunch, a few mandatory moustaches, smart casual work attire and all looked sub 30.

"We focus on the essentials, try to stay curious and keep our thoughts analogue."

Ida, MOEBE’s Sales and Marketing Manager walked us through the product range. The brand ID is enormously important to the founders Nicholas, Martin and Anders. Starting out with just three products in 2014 the guys went door knocking in local shops to get their products out there. A few years down the track and they are pushing forward with their range and reach.

They design and produce every element of the product from the item itself to the unique packaging.

They keep everything as close to the simplest form as possible, reducing the design down to the essential. Now with a growing team and reputation they sell in over 20 different markets from local Denmark to UK, Australia and Japan.  

As designers our goal is not just to reinvent the same thing over again by changing the form. We want to look at things from another perspective and see if things can be done in a simpler and smarter way by changing their construction or usage.


The entire range is a congruous collection in wood, powder coated steel and brass

MOEBE’s showroom is dominated by the newest addition to the collection their modular shelving units.

On our travels this trip we’ve seen an abundance of open shelving units and a focus on multi-use designs. Modular pieces that display the buyers personality not advertise their possessions. Its furniture designed to suit a new generation of buyers who are more mobile and own less. MOEBE is of course all over it.

MOEBE Shelving System

Their clever shelving units are built to be completely customisable.

The wooden shelves are secured by clever engineering and a wedge of wood. There are no unsightly holes or screws to mar the minimal design. Ida tells us the shelves can be constructed to any orientation. You can play with corners, curves and height. Their display in Paris climbed a mammoth five meters high.

The wall mirrors are minimal perfection and make an industrial statement hanging from brass or steel loops.

They are solid, quality pieces and much larger than I had expected. There is a new shape for the season, an elegant rectangular oval. The longline MOEBE version is simply called ‘Tall Wall Mirror’. The walls house the functional yet aesthetically pleasing wall hooks. They are the kind which look at home on a wall rather than adding clutter.

We peruse the rest of the range. The minimal metal candle holders and beautiful Organise boxes are casually placed on the shelves. The simple frameless glass of the Standing Mirrors exhibit chunks of the room in reflection. Juxtaposed against the brass and glass the chunky wood ‘Pinch’ & ‘Polygrif’ add an organic tone.  Their signature picture frames have been released in a bright red as a limited spring addition and make a bold statement in the room. Its a complimentary, stylish range of homeware. I want it all!

Tall Wall Mirror

Where to next for MOEBE?

The MOEBE collection has so far stuck to natural and neutral tones using wood and metal for their pieces. As we look at some prototypes for some new storage solutions we see they have begun to experiment with colour addition. Nothing to loud, some subtle hues of blue-grey and an earthy red reminiscent of ‘Urban red’ a colour seen everywhere in interior trends for this season as well as grey pink that has been moving into interior colours for the last few seasons. Ida tells us they are hoping to release new colours for their frames in the spring.

MOEBE consists of cabinetmaker Anders Thams and architects Nicholas Oldroyd and Martin D. Christensen.

Sustainable materials on the agenda...

Where to next for MOEBE?

The MOEBE team is busy working to add lighting to thier range. 3D printed prototypes hang in a line down the centre of the office. Light filters gently through the organic shapes. Founder Anders comes over to tell us about the inspiration behind them. The idea is to use a plant waste-product to construct the shades. Sustainability is an ongoing trend demanding focus.

This leads us to our next question for Ida. Where is MOEBE headed ? Its exciting news when Ida reveals large pieces of furniture are on the horizon for the Scandi design team. The aim is to be able to offer an entire range of furniture and accessories to customers. We can’t wait to see more and share it down here in New Zealand.