Arne Norell

Designer Arne Norell was born in 1917 in  Sweden and was active during a period of international fascination with Scandinavian design.  There is little personal information available on Norell prior to 1954 when he opened a furniture workshop in Stockholm. In 1958, he launched his manufacturing company  ‘Møbel AB Arne Norell’ on a two-acre farm in the countryside. This idyllic setting was a huge source of inspiration to Norell and the entirety of his furniture collection was designed and produced from there.

Norell is known for his pioneering approach and conceptual furniture. He liked to use traditional materials in unexpected ways, leather, bentwood, turned wood and metal were all used to create lightweight pieces for comfort and ease of use. For example his inspired constructions which are held together by leather support straps  instead of glue or screws like the Ilona Sofa and Inka Armchair.

He was a successful, well sold designer during his lifetime He also received prestigious recognition posthumously when he was awarded British Furniture Manufacturers’ “Show Piece of the Year” in 1973. The winning design was his low-slung, steel-framed, leather-clad Ari Chair  which he designed in 1966 . Norell is increasingly collectable and a number of models are manufactured under license in other parts of the world. His daughter and son-in-law carry on his legacy, operating under the name Norell Møbel AB and have continuously manufactured the entirety of Norell’s catalogue since the 1950s.

Sirocco Safari Chair

Sirocco is a constructive masterpiece. Inspired by design master Kare Klints Safari Chair (1933) Norell designed his Sirocco Safari Chair . He created a lightweight, collapsible, chair held together only by leather support straps instead of glue or screws.  Like his predecessor Norrell turned the vernacular to a modernist, conceptual expression.


Ari armchair

Designed by Norell 1966 The Ari armchair and stool have been Norell’s flagship model for over 40 years. The low-slung, steel-framed, leather-clad armchair is a modern classic and is as relevant today as when it was awarded the “Show-piece of the year” by British Furniture Manufacturers in 1973. It is a sleek design that is a stand out in all environments at home and in public areas.


Ilona Sofa

Designed by Arne Norell 1971 the Ilona sofa is one of  several models that Arne Norell created in the same theme: Inca, Indra and the Sirocco. As with the Sirocco these constructive masterpieces all have frames held together by strong leather straps and without screws or glue. They are all collapsable and lightweight with lightweight cushions in resilient foam and fiber padding and have removable covers. The Ilona is a beautiful, comfortable and timeless piece.

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