Borge Mogensen

Borge Mogensen is one of Denmarks most influential designers. At the foundation of the Danish design culture, he was instrumental in spreading the concept of Danish Modern to the world.

After attending the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts where he trained as a cabinet-maker and furniture designer, he studied under design master Kaare Klint at the school of Furniture Design at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Borge Mogensen  developed a close association with Kaare Klint and assumed his mentors principals of traditional craftsmanship and the progressive evolution of design.

Borge Mogensen was committed to producing classic and functional furniture. He believed in unpretentious and modest aesthetics with clean vertical and horizontal lines. He created honest minimal designs in tranquil shapes that could be industrially produced. His furniture was predominantly constructed from rustic, refined materials like oak, natural leather and wool fabric.

Spoke-Back Sofa (1945)

The Spoke-Back sofa was designed in 1945 yet didn’t go into production until 1962. The sofa designed as both a daybed and a chaise longue with a hinged side that could be dropped down to recline. The frame is exposed in a bare construction, right down to the visible strings that attach the cushions. The design at the time was deemed too sophisticated for the post-war public. It has become one of Mogensen’s most popular pieces. The sofa was part of a collaboration between Mogensen and fellow designer Hans Wenger for Copenhagen Cabinetmaker’s Guild Exhibition in 1945, where Mogensen and Wegner designed and presented “A Home For the Future”


Spanish Chair (1959),

After designing the Hunting Chair in 1950 in which he used a solid wood framework with saddle leather for the seat and back, Morgensen returned to this concept design to create his famous ‘Spanish Chair.’

The workmanship was inspired by medieval Spanish furniture construction and the design was inspired by the typical Spanish chairs with wide armrests that he had seen on a trip through Spain. Made in quarter-sawn solid oak, durable saddle leather to hold the form and brass buckles, the chair is formed with geometric precision and strength. The wide armrests are both practical and intentional, enabling the sitter to rest a drink or object and eliminating the need for occasional tables, this opening up the room to a more informal spacious feel. Like all of Mogensen’s work, The Spanish Chair is built to last a lifetime. It’s still produced by the original production house Fredercia and is made in Denmark.


No 1 Sofa

Mogensen’s No1 series designed in 1955 were his first pieces as Fredericia’s in-house designer. The series used the clean minimalist design Mogensen is known for but also showcased some new elements.The sofa is designed with an upholstered frame and lose inter-changeable cushions with removable covers for cleaning, an unusual feature during this time. The designs were a first for Mogensen and a bold attempt to add functionality to the design. They are still produced but Fredericia today.

""My goal is to create things that will serve man and give him the lead role, instead of, by the force of the devil, adapt man to the things."."

Borge Mogensen