Erik Buch

Erik Buch (pronounced Buck) was a Danish industrial designer. He was born in 1923 in Copenhagen. There is little known about his personal life and even the date of his passing is unconfirmed. However his iconic designs have left their mark and are a timeless legacy. His style was typical of the Scandinavian modernest style of the era. He favoured heavily  grained woods like teak, oak and polished rosewoods. He used natural fabrics, mainly leather. His pieces have organic lines and a functional aesthetic. Predominantly in solid wood his pieces are durable and beautiful and as such his vintage pieces are often in fabulous condition. His designs spanned chairs, stools, and cabinets.

Model 61

 The Model 61 is arguably his most famous design. The bar stool is a design classic. The sturdy comfortable and functional design works alongside most interior styles. Functional and durable they are well constructed in solid wood and are to this day still produced in Denmark. Many of Buch’s designs were named after the year in which he designed them, especially those produced by the cabinetmaker and furniture manufacture Oddense Maskinsnedkeri.

Model 49

The Model 49 chair  was the first design Buch found success with. Designed in 1949 (as the name suggests) the dining chairs were produced in both dining style and carver style. The curved floating seat exhibited the quality craftsmanship required for the construction. They have a timeless Scandinavian aesthetic and are still in production today.

Captains Chair

Buch designed the Captain’s Chair in 1955 for Ørum Møbler. Typical of the style of the time the chairs were constructed in heavily grained solid wood such as teak and rosewood. The comfortable chair has flowing organic lines. The arm rests widen at the elbow for function and comfort.  

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