Karl Erik Ekselius

Karl Erik Ekselius was born in  Ålesund, Sweden. He began his studies in the 1930’s as a carpenter in Germany and then attended the Carl Malmsten’s School for Furniture Studies in Stockholm. He worked as a designer for Swedish production house  J. O. Carlsson and eventually took ownership of the company in 1961. As with most designers of the time Eskelius favored heavily grained teak and rosewood for his wooden furniture. He designed furniture that would fit in any style home/workspace from the more simple surrounding to the most exclusive. He designed with a more international style than his many of his contemporaries using brushed aluminium, chromed metal and soft leathers. He won international acclaim During the H55 Exhibition in 1955 in Sweden and he designed furniture for  for the Dag Hammarskjöld Library in New York.

The Mondo Easy Chair

Karl Erik Ekselius designed the Mondo Easy Chair for his own production house JOC Carlsen. It was a popular piece which sold well. Designed with a more international appeal the Mondo has an exposed, brushed aluminum frame and is finished with a soft leather seat and backrest. The Mondo is a comfortable, generous size. A design classic with a contemporary feel, it complements any living space or workspace.

F139 Lounge Chair

In 1955 Karl Erik Ekselius designed the F139. A sophisticated chair with a woven cane backrest, sculpted  arm rests that widen comfortable and smoothly meet the solid wood frame with seamless joint work. The angular simplistic form is characteristic of Eskelius’s designs.


This longline coffee table was designed by Eskelius in the 1960s. It was constructed from a variety of types of wood. The combination of different wood was used to create a contrasting feature. Some were made from Teak edged with oak and oak legs, others rosewood with birch. They show beautiful craftsmanship and respect for natural characters of the wood. The X shaped legs and brass stabilisers create a fantastic silhouette and make the tables a striking piece.