Sigurd Ressell

Ressell was born in 1920 in Norway. He was one of the country’s most influential furniture designers the 1950/60’s. His furniture is characterised by no fuss, clear, logical design and construction. A trained carpenter Ressell studied at the State Crafts and Art Industry School before taking a job with design house Rastad & Relling Tegnekontor in 1947. He went out on his own in 1968 and worked independently as furniture designer mainly in collaboration with Vatne Lenestolfabrikk A/S. During this time he came up with his most famous design the Falcon chair. He received great recognition for the Falcon which was successfully sold worldwide for 30 years. In fact it helped triple Vatne Lenestolf factory’s turnover over two years. Sigurd Resell took over the chief designer role at Vatne Lenestolfabrikk in 1968. Ressell revitalised the companies profile moving the style away form the Danish influenced craftsman style and into a more industry-oriented mass production. Sigurd Ressell’s clear and logical designs are timeless. His furniture is highly sort after in original vintage condition. Many of his pieces are still in global production today, revitalised and relaunched by production houses like Kitani in Japan, Furnart in Ghana and Rybo at home in Norway

The Falcon

Originally designed for a competition in Norway, Ressell won second prize for what was initially named ‘Blankvals’.  The production house Vatne Lenestolf began producing the chair as ‘The Falcon’ in 1970. The Falcon was immediately successful tripling the production at the factory in just two years. The Falcon’s construction follows a kind of hammock principle with the seat and backrest slung from the frame. It was originally designed with a chrome base but was later produced with a laminated beech base. The lighter, more resilient version of the Falcon was more cost effective to produce and distribute. Unfortunately the success of the Falcon led to it being copied in several countries, Vatne defended their claim to the design in court and won. The Falcon stayed in Norway and was relaunched in 2011 by the Rybo furniture factory. The Falcon is a stand alone piece, sculptural, comfortable and a favourite among collectors.


The chair “Irafas”

In 1966 Ressell worked in collaboration with Cato Mansrud to design a series of steel framed furniture that could immediately adapt to any uneven surface. The stand out in the collection is the versatile and chic ‘Irafas’. A safari type chair with a detachable construction in steel pipes and black leather back, seat and armrests. Well suited as an export product Ressell and Mansrud reached a wide audience and were awarded a gold medal at the second Biennale in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. It was also was also awarded a Norwegian ‘Good Design’ in 1966. Today the Irafas Chair has later been successfully relaunched by ‘Furnart’ as a garden chair.


The SR59 Arm Chair

Another of Ressels’ award winning designs, the SR59 armchair received a top prize at Copenhagen Snedkerlaug’s furniture competition.The chair has an elegant, organic design with a softly flowing lines. The back piece almost slides over the armrests in a design that can never be created by machine but only shaved by the hand of a skilled craftsman. The armchair is formed with a minimal number of parts and therefore joints. The wooden frame SR59 was first constructed and produced by renown Danish designed Niels Vodder in Copenhagen in 1958. Today the chair is skilfully produced by Japanese production house ‘Kitani’ under the name SR-01

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