Yki Nummi

Yki Nummi was a remarkable Finnish designer who designed hundreds of lamps and furniture items. His varied background and education allowed him to think and design in a unique and inspired way. After World War Two Nummi studied physics and mathematics before beginning a second degree in decorative painting at the Institute of Applied Arts in Helsinki. The unlikely melding of these two disciplines gave him a deep understanding of how to use various materials and insight into the relationship between light and colour. Nummi was a pioneer in the use of new acrylic materials and fiberglass. At the beginning of the 20th century acrylics were an exciting new material that opened up new possibilities for design. Nummi embraced the new material, he was impressed by the moulding capacity and impact strength whilst sharing the same properties as glass.

”People don’t buy lamps, they buy light”

Yki Nummi

His most famous lighting designs the ‘Modern Art’ table lamp and ‘Sky Flyer/Lokki’ pendant lamp were moulded from acrylic. Nummi was also an expert in colour and design. He spent nearly twenty years as the head of design and planning at Schildt & Hallberg’s Tikkurila paint factory. He was instrumental in the research and development of a new paint mixing system that produced innovative colour charts. Nummi participated in many of the trade shows and exhibitions key to designers success at that period. He was awarded gold medals for his works at the Milan Triennials of 1954 and 1957.

Sky Flyer Pendant Lamp | Lokki

The beautiful Loki Pendant is made of white and transparent acrylic, a material with light refraction qualities similar to glass. The Sky Flyer is known also by the name Lokki which means Seagull in Finnish. The large pendant is suspended by three delicate chains, it gives the illusion of hovering weightlessly in the air. The light source is suspended centrally casting both direct and indirect light. Sky Flyer is an elegant, clean design that sits well suspended low over dining table or coffee table or centrally in a room.’Sky Flyer’  comes on two sizes 50cm diameter and 70cm diameter.

Modern Art Lamp

The subtle and versatile table lamp is one of Nummi’s most famous designs. The simple construction consists of a clear acrylic sphere with a opaline acrylic shade. The lamp is of compact dimensions standing 40cm high and  29 cm across. Aclasic of Mid-Century Modern design the Modern Art table lamp is in MoMA’s permanent collection.

Kupli Table lamp

The Kupoli Table lamp is another of Nummi’s beautiful creations from Acrylic. It was the first floor lamp to be made with an acrylic dome. The name Finnish name ‘Kupoli’ means just that- dome. The lamp comes in either a tall floor lamp or as a table lamp. The lampshade is made only in transparent white and the base comes in either white or black. The opaline acrylic dome casts a beautiful soft light. Kupoli is a minimal classic piece complimentary to any space.